How does it work? Is it a hassle?
       1. Organize Your Photos and/or Mementos 
               Be sure to pick a variety, with a balance of family members and a feature photo if needed.
                    If you are using professional photos, please make sure you have photographer's approval.  
                    If you would like us to help pick our your photos we would be more than happy to help.

     2. Prepare Your Photos and/or Mementos
              Prepare your photos in jpg  format if you are sending them in .zip format.
                   We provide instructions on how to make .zip's at the bottom of each gallery template section.
                   Original Pictures can also be mailed to our P.O. Box 236, Columbus, NE 68601. All scanning is free.
                   Photos will be mailed back with
collage prints unless otherwise requested.
       3. Order Online
               Browse our Examples to find the collage ideas that suits your celebration.
                   Order your
collage background in the Shopping Galleries section.
                    Photo information with photos is optional, some people prefer none. 

                   Collages are available in print, and canvas format, and digital format for internet services.
              Offline orders are available in Columbus, NE, call 1-402-910-3357 to arrange a meeting.

      4. Check & Finalize Proof
                   Once your order is placed you will receive your first print proof via e-mail in 1-2 weeks.
                   Canvas wraps take 7 days to ship, it is best to plan two weeks in advance for wraps.
                   Customers are welcome to change and move photos, but there is a two proof limit.
                    So be sure to include family members when proofing your collage. 
                    After final changes are made you will be asked to finalize for printin
       5. Enjoy!
                   Once your collage is finalized, you will receive your print  or canvas wrap in the mail. Or your digital art, if you are ordering digital.
              Shipping time for prints depends on the size of your order. Canvas wrap orders will include 7 days shipping time.  
                   Once your collage is purchased you qualify for reprint specials with your customer password,
collage galleries and reprints for details.

          More FAQ

          How many photos should I use per collage?
            There is no limit to the number of photos or mementos, but use good judgement. Larger collage - use more with a feature photo - 
               smaller collage
- use less photos. Always use a balance of family members.

How will I proof my collage?
     You will receive your first collage proof via your e-mail submitted, to view and send back changes. 
     There is a two proof limit on changes so always ask other family members their opinon as well.

            What quality of paper do you use? 
              All of our collages are printed on a Epson Ultra Premium Photo Luster paper.

Do you offer reprints?
   Yes, once you purchase an original collage - reprints are available.  See our Reprints section for details.

      Do you offer canvas wraps?
           Yes, we now offer canvas wraps in the sizes of our galleries templates! 
              A great time saver for our customers, and nice alternative to framing.

          Do you offer digital prints?
             Yes, we offer digital collages in digital jpg. format for people to use on the internet.  See prices in Galleries.

Do you offer framing?
  We do not offer framing at this time, but all of our collage sizes are standard frame sizes
  that are available at many affordable retail stores.

Can I use professional photos?
  Yes you can, but customers are responsible for all photos submitted.
  Please contact your photographer and ask for approval, if the pictures are less than 25 years old.
  It is illegal to copy a photograph without approval.  It is my experience that most photographer's are willing to
  have their work used if asked in advance. We would be more than happy to put their name or logo on the collage.

Can I have photos scanned?
   Yes you can, scanning & toning of photos is a Free Service to all customers! 
   Please send your photos to our mailing address in contacts.
   Photos will be returned in the mail with printed collage, unless otherwise requested.

Are your shipping fees high?
  All shipping is included in the price of your collage. 




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